Stay Goaldone

Nice move, Sunshine!
Goals are going to look a whole lot different now that you’re all signed up for Goaldone Week.

Here’s what to expect next:


Check Your

Check your email for a confirmation. If you don’t receive one in 15 minutes, email us at


Look Out for
the Lessons

Look out for your first mini-lesson on Monday, January 9, 2023.


Watch Lessons
Over 5 Days

Watch the lesson each day and play the 5-minute daily Goaldone Game along with us on YouTube and social media. (You’ll get all the details in the days to come!)


Implement for More Joy in Life

Implement these stress-free, joyful mini-lessons to virtually guarantee you’ll hit your goals in 2023 (and be happy either way!)

Want to be a total overachiever?

Check out our Stay Goaldone Goal Mapping platform.

It’s a simple but powerful online goal planner you can put in your pocket to keep track of everything we do during Goaldone Week.

It’s not required – but it sure makes a difference!

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You need a Fresh Start?

Fresh Starts are a beautiful thing and can happen anytime you choose (in life and here in Stay Goaldone). Once you click that “confirm” button, you’ll lose all info previously entered in the current month and you’ll get to Start Fresh with the Monthly Game Plan. Sound good?