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Want to learn the science-backed secrets to make achieving your goals both joyful and practically inevitable?

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with Amber McCue + the Stay Goaldone Team

At this point, the narrative is getting uncomfortably predictable.

“It’s a new year! Time for a new you!”

“Go big or go home!”

“Do all the things – ALLLL of them.”

“Focus! Habits! Accountability!”

And yet, somehow you STILL… 

  • Set the same goals over and over
  • Feel stressed out and disatisfied with your progress
  • Can’t figure out how to turn big goals into doable steps
  • Never know what to focus on first
  • Wonder why, despite your accomplishments
    you still don’t feel all that much happier

Shouldn’t GOALS be like rays of sunshine in our lives?

Why do they feel like threatening rain clouds
that hang over our heads?
(They won’t after Goaldone Week!)

Eliminate Overwhelm, Infuse Joy, and
Guarantee Follow-Through.

Hey hey! I’m Amber McCue & boy, do I have the answers to your goal-getting Q’s.

You might know me from the Planathon, AmberMcCue.com, or my photography company ThreeBoudoir – but I’ve always felt a little like the odd woman out.

While I LOVE to plan and to pursue BIG goals and dreams, I’ve never been willing to sacrifice my peace of mind, family time, health, or FUN to get there.

After 20 years as a consultant, Johns Hopkins MBA student, entrepreneur, mom of 3, wife, and new puppy owner (heaven help me), I’m happy to say that I’ve become completely fascinated by the intersection of happiness and high-performance…

And I have some BIG ANSWERS (backed by neuroscience and positive psychology) to drastically improve the quality of your life while you go big on goals.

Did you know that if you asked
100 people “What’s the point of life?” most of them would agree it has something to do with being HAPPY? 

But guess what? Scientific studies show that achieving goals only accounts for about 10% of our total happiness!
The other 90% is determined by how we go about LIVING OUR LIVES.


This shocked me because almost everyone I know is running around pursuing goals to try to be happier.

I’ll go over a little bit of the science during Goaldone Week but only enough to try to convince you to approach
your goals (and really, your whole life) a little bit differently.

There’s a simple, intuitive way to feel happy, stay focused, AND virtually guarantee that you’ll hit your goals in 2023.

I’ll break it all down for you during Goaldone week in 5 mini-lessons delivered straight to your inbox. 

During this FREE series of mini-lessons, you’ll learn:

1. Monday: How to feel happy whether or not you hit your goals

2. Tuesday: How to eliminate overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion when setting your goals, making your plans, & taking action

3. Wednesday: How to stay focused and motivated all year, no matter what life throws your way

4. Thursday: How to virtually guarantee that you WILL hit your goals (Hint: It’s all in the way you break them down.)

5. Friday: How to “sunrise and sunset” your week to guarantee you’ll be stress-free as you joyfully follow through on your plans

I hope you’ll join me.

Let’s break the New Year narrative
and learn a new way to Stay Goaldone.

"Focus in on the Real Things That Matter and Really Move the Needle"

I’ve been implementing Amber’s systems for over 7 years now, and can account for most my business growth and revenue to her. She has a way of cutting the fluff most systems and coaches provide you with, and get you focusing in on the real things that matter and really move the needle. If you struggle in nailing down your goals and most importantly actually accomplishing them (like I used to), then look no further than Stay Goaldone.

Katrina Hubbard, OnPIRE

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