Stay Goaldone

Stay Goaldone

Reach your goals.
Rain or shine!

Unlock Motivation, Focus, and Follow-Through
with a Joyful, Evidence-Based Approach to
Make Achieving Your Goals Practically Inevitable

Stay Goaldone is a Suite of Online Tools, Rooted in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, that Fuse High-Performance & Happiness to Get Your Goals DONE.

We tend to set goals when it’s 70 and sunny.

Not a cloud in the sky.

The possibilities seem endless.
It feels like we can conquer the world!

But then? Weather strikes.

The Foul Weather Forecast calls for cloudy skies with a high chance of emotional thunderstorms.

STORMS roll in and we feel

Too many ideas!
No clue what to choose...
Not sure where to start?

Strong WINDS blow us 
off course to the land of 

Loss of focus

FOG clouds our path and we feel

Self doubt
Imposter Syndrome

RAINY DAYS take their toll
and leave us with

Life Obstacles
Changes in Mood
Progress Challenges

Stay Goaldone is your all-weather gear for turning goal FEAR into year round goal CHEER.

Stay Goaldone empowers you with an evidence-based approach to staying focused, productive, optimistic, and taking action, no matter what comes your way.

The magic of Stay Goaldone starts with a “Bright Side” mindset that will become your happiness + high performance superpower.

We’ll show you how to use it to achieve all of your goals.

Here’s a sneak peak of just a few of our research-supported Bright Side goal reaching principles.

1. Goals don’t make us happy.
Happiness helps us to get to our goals.

Happiness research* shows us that achieving goals only accounts for 10% of our happiness. We’ll help you account for the other 90% of what actually makes humans happy, so you can take the pressure off your goals and joyfully work toward what matters to you. Ironically, when you start happy, you’re more likely to reach your goals.

2. You are always “Right On Time.”
Start fresh if you get off track.

Stay Goaldone helps you achieve what scientists call a “flow state”, a peak state of productivity where you  are completely immersed in what you’re doing. But we can’t get there if you’re stressed about being “behind”. You can’t be late for your destiny, and if you ever find your plans off course, you can start fresh at any time.

3. Expect the rain and stormy days.
Plan for magic and mayhem.

Stay Goaldone helps you to plan for life’s obstacles by simplifying your focus and avoiding overscheduling. We love peace, white space, & progress over perfection. This is the cure for goal overwhelm and burnout. Gone are the days of stuffing your calendar. You’ll get crystal clear about what’s most important and leave room for magic, too.

4. Dopamine is a goal-stealer.
Say yes to focus. Cross that finish line!

Stay Goaldone helps you avoid the pings, dings, and all the digital things that give your brain those yummy but oh-so-distracting dopamine hits. Stay focused with flexible planning, reflection tools, an adaptive mindset, a focus on self-care, and added accountability when you need it most.

5. Tracking habits daily doesn’t work.
Instead, sunrise + sunset your week.

Productivity research* shows that doing something daily like daily gratitude journaling or water tracking doesn’t work long-term. Our brains become accustomed to the stimulus and start ignoring it altogether - which is no good for goal achievement. Instead, use our bi-weekly Goaldone Hour Sunrise + Sunset sessions to see faster progress toward your goals.

Use the Stay Goaldone Platform to Turn Your Bright Side Mindset into Goals.




Choose Your Stay Goaldone Plan & Create Your Profile

Choose what plan matches your life best - monthly or annual? Then log in and set up your profile and you’ll immediately be ready to get focused on your goals and your joy. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other anymore.


Learn to Set & Achieve Moonshot Goals with
The FLOW MethodTM

This fresh, fun approach to goal planning eliminates overwhelm, infuses joy, & ignites motivation with super simple steps and strategies for setting goals that always get DONE.


Focus on Just 3 Moonshot Goals

Choosing fewer, more meaningful goals is part of the Stay Goaldone secret sauce. You’ll set 3 goals tops to slay this year.


Look Both Ways with Rise + Reflect

Reflection is scientifically proven to drastically increase happiness + results. Our monthly Rise + Reflect process is the best.


Own the Month with the Monthly Forecast

This proprietary monthly planning process makes breaking down your goals a snap. You’ll start each month crystal clear & buzzing with energy.


Work Your Weekly 3 between Goaldone Hours

The monthly goals become super simple weekly to-do’s you’ll plan and track on Mondays and Fridays during your bi-weekly Sunrise + Sunset sessions.


Take the Bright Side Mini-Course to Learn the Stay Goaldone Mindset

Learn the simple, science-based positive psychology framework that makes up the Stay Goaldone mindset. This mini-course might be the best thing you do all year and virtually guarantees you’ll hit your goals when you live the principles you learn.


Create Your Fresh Start Plan to Achieve Your Top 3 Moonshot Goals in 12 Months Flat

Choose your 3 Moonshot Goals and turn them into clear, doable action steps by completing the step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank goal planning templates inside the digital goal planner.


Enjoy Weekly Goaldone Drops for Inspiration, Motivation, and Focus

Every week, we’ll share new micro-training (great for ultra-short attention spans!), insights, and tools for keeping you on track with your goals and moving forward.

These little rays of sunshine in your inbox will refocus and reinspire you week after week.


Use the Stay Goaldone platform all year for baked-in accountability.

Follow the monthly and weekly check-in and reflection processes to make sure you stay right on track to hit your goals.

If you get off track, use the Fresh Start button to start the month from scratch.


Celebrate every action taken and get sunshine on a cloudy day.

Stay Goaldone includes lots of fun ways to motivate yourself for your progress and receive sunshine from others on a  cloud day. Earn Goaldone Points, measure progress to your goals, and celebrate along the way. Our brains LOVE rewards. Ours are designed to keep in you action mode all year long.

Get Started with Stay Goaldone

Unlock motivation now

Choose a plan that’s right for you. Simple pricing. No clouds forecasted.



Unlock Motivation
Dream Bigger & Start Today for Only $1

The Bright Side Goal Mindset Mini-Course

The ultimate, evidence-based goal mindset training that will retrain your brain & virtually guarantee you’ll hit your goals

The Flow MethodTM Goal Mapping Mini-Course

Four simple steps to eliminate overwhelm, infuse joy, and ignite motivation as you take your big goals and break them down, week by week

The Stay Goaldone Platform for Goal Momentum

This is the digital platform that keeps you focused, engaged, and excited about reaching your goals, where you enter your goal plans, action steps, and reflections

The Weekly Goaldone Drops

These weekly insights and tools will keep you on track with your goals and making progress, inspiring you again and again

The Stay Goaldone Digital Bundle

A collection of digital screensavers, phone backgrounds, and social media post templates with phrases to live by

The Stay Goaldone Meditation

The ultimate meditation, designed to reduce the overwhelm, reignite motivation, and help you to savor everything you already have



Unlimited Momentum 

2 Months Free
Dream Bigger & Start Today for Only $1

The Annual Plan includes everything in the monthly plan PLUS an additional $20 value

A $20 Coupon for Right On Time Merchandise!

The ultimate mantra for finding absolute faith in divine timing and giving yourself grace. Get the gear to rep this magical way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stay Goaldone?

Stay Goaldone is where you go to get your goals DONE. Our approach is rooted in neuroscience and positive psychology, and we fuse high-performance & happiness to get you where you want to be in life. It’s an online space for you to plan, capture your goals, get support and accountability - that doesn’t add additional pings to your life or endless more to-dos to your day, all while retrainging your brain step by step to approach life and your goals in a way that brings you joy. in stay goaldone you will unlock motivation, focus, and follow-through with a joyful, evidence-based approach to make achieving your goals practically inevitable.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you sure can. Cancel anytime and your next payment will not be processed. We do not offer full or prorated refunds. To cancel, you can do this anytime on your own. You just need to click the button in your StayGoaldone profile.

Is there community?

There certainly is a Stay Goaldone community, but it’s not going to look like the typical community. You’ll have the chance to support people by sending them sunshine when they are having a cloudy day. However, you won’t enter Stay Goaldone and have endless pings on your time and attention. While communities and social media are designed to keep you distracted and hooked and it would benefit us to put more pings inside our community, we are distinctly NOT doing that because we believe less is more. We are practicing what we want for you inside this community and aligning our simplified community element in a way that you will hopefully find to be simple, kind, and productive for you (not another distraction for you getting what you want out of this one precious life).

I’m going to enter some personal information into StayGoaldone…Are you looking at my goals, plans, and dreams?

While you’ll be able to refer back to all the goals, plans, and dreams you put into Stay Goaldone for as long as you are a member, we do not access the details of your individual plans. We can however see aggregate info on how you are feeling on anygiven day and if you are making progress to your desired goals.

How do I access Stay Goaldone?

Access Stay Goaldone on your desktop browser or on your preferred browser from your phone as soon as you register at At this time Stay Goaldone isn’t available as an app from the app story or google play. If you like Stay Goaldone, we’ll build out that app some day in the future. It sounds like a lovely rainy day activity.

"Focus in on the Real Things That Matter and Really Move the Needle"

I've been implementing Amber's systems for over 7 years now, and can account for most my business growth and revenue to her. She has a way of cutting the fluff most systems and coaches provide you with, and get you focusing in on the real things that matter and really move the needle. If you struggle in nailing down your goals and most importantly actually accomplishing them (like I used to), then look no further than Stay Goaldone.

Katrina Hubbard, OnPIRE

"Stay Goaldone is so good."

Stay Goaldone is so good and just what I need in my year of simplifying everything - with my word of the year being EASE!

Ilga Becker, Ilwen Online Marketing

"I'm exceeding my money goals."

I have so much momentum and focus with Stay Goaldone I am already exceeding my money goals.

Megan Conrad

Happiness and high performance are on the horizon!

Get Your Goals DONE with Stay Goaldone.

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You need a Fresh Start?

Fresh Starts are a beautiful thing and can happen anytime you choose (in life and here in Stay Goaldone). Once you click that “confirm” button, you’ll lose all info previously entered in the current month and you’ll get to Start Fresh with the Monthly Game Plan. Sound good?